Robbie Gee



Film Credits

Walk Like a Panther (2018)
as Zulu
Paddington 2 (2017)
as Mr Barnes
The Fades (2011)
as DCI Armstrong
Shank (2010)
as Beano
Hush (2008)
as Chimponda
Bad Day (2008)
as Benjamin Radcliffe
Cass (2008)
as Marlon
Deadmeat (2007)
as Stan
Prime Suspect: The Final Act (2006)
as DI Traynor
Rollin' with the Nines (2006)
as Pushy
Out of Reach (2004)
as Lewis Morton
Underworld (2003)
as Kahn
Mean Machine (2001)
as Trojan
South West 9 (2001)
Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001)
as Smallsy
Snatch (2000)
as Vincent
G:MT Greenwich Mean Time (1999)
as Ricky
The Firm (1989)
as Snowy